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RADAR Observer Endorsement

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Price: $1,095.00
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To prepare the licensed Mariner to become a "competent radar observer", as defined by the U.S. Coast Guard, for that type of water on which the Mariner will operate.

Subject Areas
Radar Theory
  • Fundamentals of Radar
  • Operation & Use of Radar
  • Techniques of Radar Plotting
  • Relative and True Bearing
  • Radar Navigation Plotting (Rivers)
  • Radar Navigation Plotting (Inland Waters)
  • Radar Navigation Plotting (Unlimited)
  • Practical Radar Plotting Exercises
  • Map Plotting (Rivers)
  • Radar Screen Plotting (Rivers)
  • Chart Plotting (Inland Waters)
  • Radar Screen (Plotting Inland Waters)
  • Radar Transfer sheet Plotting (Unlimited)
  • Radar Screen Plotting (Unlimited)